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AlphaZetta experts build two successfully funded Covid-tech companies

One plus one equals three (or more!) goPassport is a shining example of the power of the AlphaZetta analytics network. A newly equity crowdfunded startup, goPassport is a bio-security digital solution that manages travel risk in the post pandemic world. How it came about is the one plus one equals [...]

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Craig Savage – Independent Analytics Consultant

Dr Craig “(Doc) Savage” is a Melbourne based analytics consultant. Craig has a diverse background and education across a wide number of technical and business domains, including rocket science and bringing sight to the blind. His international career includes defence work, biomedical engineering (Bionic Vision Australia at the University [...]

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UK university crisis: international students, a virus and an antidote

The UK university sector is under direct threat. 20% (approx. 0.5 million) of UK university students come from abroad: second in the world for foreign students after the US. International student tuition fees produce a profit of 2.4 billion GBP a year, and it is vital income for universities [...]

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Scandinavian summer is coming but do you feel safe to travel?

When the lock-down finishes, where do you want to travel? There are certainly good reasons to be extra cautious about reopening for tourism such that we don’t waste the good effort from the past few months and face a return to restrictions. The question is, how can we restart [...]

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ML Café Podcast: Dr Eugene Dubossarsky on What’s real and what’s hype in decades of ML, with Miklos Toth

Session duration: 52 min, 38 sec Date recorded: 21 May 2020 Our very own Eugene Dubossarsky talks to Miklos Toth and Levente Szabados in this episode of Machine Learning Café. Eugene Dubossarsky is Chief Data Scientist at AlphaZetta and co-founder at multiple data science companies in Australia. He is also Managing Partner [...]

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goPassport: Restarting international travel, safely

When restarting an economy, how do we manage opening the borders whilst containing risk and exposure? We need something more than domestic contact tracing. Traveller visibility in the new normal Governments currently have limited controls and existing systems don't provide constant traveller visibility. However, with recorded, reliable pre-travel testing [...]

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Pro-bono analytics help for organisations under stress

19 Apr 2020 AlphaZetta has many of the world’s best people in our global data analytics team and some of our experts have the capacity and desire to make good of a difficult situation and help others. We have created a project area specifically for pro-bono work to support [...]

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AlphaZetta Academy launches key instructor led online training

Our new online training format retains crucial mentoring function 24 Mar 2020 In response to the world’s need to work remotely during the Covid-19 crisis, and what is now the perfect time to train, AlphaZetta Academy is delivering courses online. Courses run as live, instructor-led meetings in an online [...]

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Talking Business Podcast: Dr Eugene Dubossarsky on how important data is for business, with Leon Gettler

Dr Eugene Dubossarsky is Managing Partner AlphaZetta Academy & AlphaZetta's Chief Data Scientist Segment duration: 11 min, 06 sec Date recorded: 28 Feb 2020 Transcript Leon: How important is data for business now? Eugene: Data is crucial to some businesses, obviously so, but very important [...]

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Jeff Aven: Spark in the Google Cloud Platform Part 1

Jeff Aven's latest article from his cloudy-with-a-chance-of-big-data blog I have been an avid Spark enthusiast since 2014 (the early days..). Spark has featured heavily in every project I have been involved with from data warehousing, ETL, feature extraction, advanced analytics to event processing and IoT applications. I like to [...]

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Data Futurology Podcast: Data transparency to build consumer trust – with Tony Ohlsson

The Data Futurology Podcast series is hosted by Felipe Flores. In this instalment, Felipe interviews our founder Tony Ohlsson about Data transparency to build consumer trust. You can also read the summary over on the Data Futurology Podcast page. [fusion_soundcloud url="" layout="classic" comments="no" show_related="no" show_user="yes" auto_play="no" [...]

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Europe liftoff: First public Academy courses held in Vienna

14 January 2020 The AlphaZetta Academy is up and running in Europe with 2 public training courses so far. Academy trainer Marek Danis delivered Data Literacy for Everyone and Fundamentals of AI, Machine Learning, Data Science and Predictive Analytics to mixed audiences at weXelerate. These were the first of [...]

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Supporting startups with the AlphaZetta Incubator Forum

The AZ Incubator Forum is a start-up and funding advice forum where you can get supportive advice and feedback from angel investors and experts. The free service is offered at AlphaZetta's Global Analytics Summits, the next one being Sydney in August 2020. In the video below, Benjamin Baader describes [...]

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Tony Ohlsson wins 4th in IAPA 2019 Top 25 Analytics Leaders program

2 August, 2019 Tony Ohlsson has been awarded 4th place in the IAPA 2019 Top 25 Analytics Leaders award. IAPA (Institute of Analytics Professionals of Australia) is Australia’s peak industry body for analytics professionals. Their panel of analytics and business leaders judge nominations on their contribution to strategy and [...]

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Developing a platform to change health insurance at Self Assured

Disrupting the health insurance industry in Australia Data driven, statistical approach to providing health insurance and self-insurance saving suggestions Deployed on highly available cloud-based, serverless infrastructure IT Project Management; Core product delivery and integrations with 4 external partners/vendors Google Cloud Platform, serverless architecture design and build [...]

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Nathan Kinch – An expert at the intersection of data ethics, customer privacy and experience design

Nathan Kinch shares his thoughts on what AlphaZetta does for him - he values the ability to immediately tap into a global network of people whose values are aligned and therefore ethics really matters to them. Nathan tells us about his company, Greater than X, which works at the [...]

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What is it like to attend an AlphaZetta Global Analytics Summit?

Ever wondered by we call our Global Analytics Summits a very different conference experience? What is it about AlphaZetta's consulting model that makes our conferences work so well? Nine conference attendees answer these questions and more by providing commentary on the unique experiences they've had at the AlphaZetta Global [...]

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Generating thought leadership at GE Aviation

GE Aviation Digital is the world’s leading advanced analytics consulting service for the aviation industry Based in Austin Texas they operate a global consulting team focused around advanced IOT use cases Engaged by Chief Commercial Officer to develop thought leading advanced analytics use cases from across [...]

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Talking Business Podcast: Alec Gardner on what AlphaZetta is all about, with Leon Gettler

Alec Gardner (Managing Partner, Australia) chats to Leon Gettler about how AlphaZetta is supporting freelancers by providing a full service consulting backbone; fully developed service offerings and business use cases to take to market, project opportunities, a team environment facilitating collaboration, and supporting startups with a Solutions platform to [...]

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Niels-Axel Berthelsen – Business & Strategy Professional, IoT & (Cyber) Security

Niels-Axel Berthelsen is an AlphaZetta consultant. In this video he talks about the increasing importance of cyber security and operational technology security with the rise of IOT. The security industry is changing. Where it used to be perimeter security, physical and logical access we are now starting to talk [...]

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