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ML Café Podcast: Dr Eugene Dubossarsky on What’s real and what’s hype in decades of ML, with Miklos Toth

Session duration: 52 min, 38 sec Date recorded: 21 May 2020 Our very own Eugene Dubossarsky talks to Miklos Toth and Levente Szabados in this episode of Machine Learning Café. Eugene Dubossarsky is Chief Data Scientist at AlphaZetta and co-founder at multiple data science companies in Australia. He is also Managing Partner [...]

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Talking Business Podcast: Dr Eugene Dubossarsky on how important data is for business, with Leon Gettler

Dr Eugene Dubossarsky is Managing Partner AlphaZetta Academy & AlphaZetta's Chief Data Scientist Segment duration: 11 min, 06 sec Date recorded: 28 Feb 2020 Transcript Leon: How important is data for business now? Eugene: Data is crucial to some businesses, obviously so, but very important [...]

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