19 Apr 2020

AlphaZetta has many of the world’s best people in our global data analytics team and some of our experts have the capacity and desire to make good of a difficult situation and help others.

We have created a project area specifically for pro-bono work to support organisations who are in stress and at risk at this time. Projects might include:

  • gathering data
  • performing analysis
  • analysing processes or
  • deriving insight.

This offer could be the opportunity to survive this crisis and even potentially come out the other side stronger. If this could be you and you need help in doing any of that, then please get in touch.

Below are the project objectives that we will look to support. They could be in any industry and any business domain. From commercial to public sector and not-for-profit, all types of organisation will be considered.

  • How to stay in business
  • How to preserve the business
  • How to ramp up at the end of the pandemic for a more resilient business.

How can organisations take advantage of this offer?

If you know of a suitable project (planned or underway and critical to an organisation that is at risk), post it on our website with the ‘Pro-bono’ prefix in the title. The project detail should specify that people can make contributions remotely. We will review all project proposals and share with our consultants any that we think we can help with. Interested consultants will apply and you’ll receive their applications directly.

Why AlphaZetta?
AlphaZetta is uniquely positioned to help because we connect the best data practitioners with the big, small and complex analytics projects. We’re digital natives: many of us already work remotely in the gig economy, and many of us are eager to help where we can.

We hope to be able to assist as you seek to make sense of what’s going on in your business and discover how to survive and thrive in this ever-changing environment.

Tony Ohlsson
Founder and Managing Partner