UK university crisis: international students, a virus and an antidote

The UK university sector is under direct threat. 20% (approx. 0.5 million) of UK university students come from abroad: second in the world for foreign students after the US. International student tuition fees produce a profit of 2.4 billion GBP a year, and it is vital income for universities [...]

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Scandinavian summer is coming but do you feel safe to travel?

When the lock-down finishes, where do you want to travel? There are certainly good reasons to be extra cautious about reopening for tourism such that we don’t waste the good effort from the past few months and face a return to restrictions. The question is, how can we restart [...]

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goPassport: Restarting international travel, safely

When restarting an economy, how do we manage opening the borders whilst containing risk and exposure? We need something more than domestic contact tracing. Traveller visibility in the new normal Governments currently have limited controls and existing systems don't provide constant traveller visibility. However, with recorded, reliable pre-travel testing [...]

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