AlphaZetta is one of the world’s fastest growing analytics and digital consulting companies. Established in January 2017 it has been operating for 3.5 years and has grown to 750+ consultants globally. AlphaZetta has established a blue chip client base that includes DBS as well as innovative digital startups like Volt Bank and Self Assured (iSelf). AlphaZetta’s consultants have an average of 15 years of proven industry experience and are experts in managing large scale data and digital processes under strict privacy and security requirements.

Major Areas Of Capability / Sector Focus

  • Advanced Analytics & Data Science
  • Digital applications and cloud services
  • Training (AlphaZetta Academy)
  • Staff augmentation & offshoring
  • Data Privacy and Data Ethics

AlphaZetta is the lead in a consortium for goPassport

Didgigo is an itinerary management and travel documentation solution used by some of the world’s largest tour operators. Didgigo supports travellers to experience destinations from the quotation to travelling stage with digital rich presentation that enhances their enjoyment whilst supporting their safe and incident free travel.

Length of time in operation – since 2008 – 12 years initially as a travel publishing platform but since 2017 as an itinerary management and documentation tool.

Major Areas Of Capability / Sector Focus

  • Itinerary management and documentation
  • Connectivity to legacy travel and tour operating systems used globally to automatically ingest travel itinerary data
  • Robust interactive travel app, E-Dox and Print documentation available in multi-languages
  • Handles detailed destination presentation, route mapping and client to agent in app communication via chat and notification

Knowesis Established in 2013, Knowesis has built and deployed SIFT, a real-time decision engine and analytics software specializing in large scale real time analytics environments. Knowesis has a large customer installed base in South East Asia, focused on telcos and banks including Telstra and Volt Bank in Australia.

Major Areas Of Capability / Sector Focus

  • SIFT is a comprehensive real-time analytics platform
  • Proven record of managing large contact groups via both-way omni-channel flows
  • High performance data ingestion capability
  • In-built encryption and tokenisation addressing any data sovereignty requirements
  • Expert build and deploy team
  • High volume mobile GPS and network based tracking capabilities