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Here’s a summary of what they chat about in the podcast:

[02:00] How Tony started in the data space

[04:00] What Tony’s journey has looked like

[05:30] Comparing data and analytics in different countries

[08:30] How was the adoption of the data infrastructure in China?

[11:10] How did ICBC gain new users?

[12:25] What are you most excited about?

[14:00] How can you bring data ethics to life?

[18:40] Any surprises when practicing data ethics?

[20:20] How have people jumped on board with data ethics culture?

[22:15] What was it like to build a bank with analytics at its core?

[27:00] About AlphaZetta

[32:20] What problems does AlphaZetta like to tackle?

[34:10] How does consulting work at an analytics company?

[35:30] What surprised you the most with AlphaZetta?

[37:00] Have you been involved in early-stage companies previously?

[39:15] Lessons learned from previous work experience

[41:00] What does the decision-making process look like in analytics?

[42:40] The visions for Volt Bank and AlphaZetta

[44:30] What would you like to be known for?

[47:00] What are the current and future challenges for the industry?

[50:20] What are you most proud of?

[51:25] A piece of advice for our listeners