Our new online training format retains crucial mentoring function

24 Mar 2020

In response to the world’s need to work remotely during the Covid-19 crisis, and what is now the perfect time to train, AlphaZetta Academy is delivering courses online. Courses run as live, instructor-led meetings in an online workspace, enabling the valuable interaction and expert mentoring as experienced in our face to face courses. These will be taught by our domain experts, such as Eugene Dubossarsky and Jeff Aven.

The Online Deal

As a launch special, these online public courses are available at 25% off the face-to-face course price.

2 day courses – AU$1,800 + GST
1 day courses – AU$1,200 + GST

To book a single course, click on it the list below then look for the Online event link.

Further discounts are available to groups or to individuals who want to follow a curriculum program and attend multiple courses:

  • 2-4 courses/attendees 10% off
  • 5+ courses/attendees 20% off

Hurry as bookings will close 1 week before each course. Group discounts are calculated during checkout on individual courses. Individuals can book multiple courses via the Curricula booking page which will allow you to book at the reduced rate.

Note: Online course participants will need to refer to our Online Course Access Requirements to get the most out of the remote learning experience.

The Online Program

We are pleased to release the following courses as subsets of 2 of our main curricula: Data Culture and Data Analysis. Any course can be bought as an individual item, or as part of a pack. Follow the curriculum or create your own tailored path!

Data Culture (non-technical)

This curriculum is perfect for those wishing to develop the necessary business skills for the modern digital, data rich economy. Whether you are seeking to enhance existing skills or begin a transition into the data and analytics domain, this curriculum builds a step by step guide to becoming an effective participant in the data-driven decision-making process.

The curriculum introduces topics such as critical thinking; logical reasoning; understanding and dealing with bias and uncertainty in data; understanding, engaging and/or managing the practice of data science and the application of AI, and the effective use of data and insight in the strategic decision-making process.

The courses, beginning with Critical Thinking for Data Analytics as a pre-requisite for the others, are a must for any modern day business professional or manager that seeks to gain insight from data to inform decision-making.

Data Analysis / Analyst, Engineer, Scientist (technical)

A broad ranging set of courses that develop and rapidly expand skills in technical tools and languages and in key techniques in the domain of data analysis. The courses here suit data analysts, engineers and data scientists seeking to develop the key languages in the data analysis space and understand its practical application through machine learning and other techniques.

Please see the course detail pages for the relevant prerequisites and suggested scheduling of this curriculum. For example:

  • Fundamentals of AI, Data Science, Machine Learning and Predictive Analytics is a prerequisite for the other technical courses.
  • Data Transformation and Analysis with Apache Spark is a pre-requisite for Stream and Event Processing with Apache Spark.

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