Welcome to the first weekly update for AlphaZetta, which we have decided to call ‘The Gig’.

We are almost through the mobilisation and set up phase and from 1 March we go active and out to Clients at last! So, we wanted to start now with regular communications.

Each week from now I will ship ‘The Gig’ as quick update to everyone registered in AlphaZetta. It will cover the open gigs and other news from the AlphaZetta community.

The aim is to make it easy to see whats going on and whats open around the world.

This week as our first ‘The Gig’ there is a quite a bit to update on: The name for the newsletter might be short and to the point but alas this email is not –  so grab a coffee and enjoy when you get 5 mins reading time.

First of all welcome everyone!

We are now starting the 4th week of AlphaZetta’s early life. You have all been absolutely brilliant, this morning there are 45 of us with another ~10 in the process of completing their profiles and on boarding. A truly amazing result. A vertical take off.

We already have more capability, expertise and depth between us as a team than many consulting groups in far larger companies. We span 12 countries and as each country grows out now, watch out, we will have the ability to seriously disrupt the large traditional consulting firms and vendors. They won’t even see it coming…and few of us will be upset about doing it. 😀

I want to thank all of you personally for being founding members, for taking the time to do this, the patience over the last month and for feeding back all the web improvements we needed. As we head to March 1st, if we all spread the word to other independents / freelancers we will get even stronger together.

If you haven’t been on the site for a while, jump on and see who’s joined: you can follow, message and connect with those with similar backgrounds so you can build up your own networks. https://alphazetta.net/community/


Although we weren’t going to go after any client work until after March 1, some came via word of mouth anyway.

We have a number of opportunities already posted – 4 are live and still open right now:

  1. Hadoop / Data Lake Developers in the Philippines
  2. Data Architect for a contract for a Retail Bank in UK
  3. Raiffeisen Bank, big data use cases and Agile Insights project
  4. Pre-mobilization for Agile Insights, Roadmaps and Architecture Reviews for a large Aviation multinational. For this ongoing work we need Agile Team Leads, Data Scientists, Data Engineers and Business Consultants for upcoming projects in APAC, US and Europe. Training will be made available on the methodology and the PREDIX cloud platform ahead of these engagements.

If you or someone you know fits the bill for any of these Gigs please jump into the site: www.alphazetta.net and go to ‘My AlphaZetta’ then ‘My projects’ and hit the apply button to register.

Whats New?

  1. ‘MyAlphaZetta’ on the site is now up and running. Check it out when you get time.
  • The wall inside ‘MyAlphaZetta’ is now working, feel free to post, the more info we share the better we all are
  • ‘MyBackoffice’ is now also open and working. Inside you will find the first AlphaZetta templates for PPT and Word, Brand guides and AlphaZetta logos for your own use and more.
  • ‘My Solutions’ is now open. It allows you to create your own solution and list it on the site. You will be the owner and receive all the enquiries, one of the core principles of AlphaZetta is you own your IP and this is a great way to get the word out for others to help sell and introduce your IP / Apps / Methodologies.
  1. MapR partnership and reseller agreement.

In addition to the 12 existing AlphaZetta Solutions, we have our first core technology partner all set up so you can resell MapR. Special thanks to Steve Mays and Desmond Lim who made this happen. We will add to these technology partners over the next few weeks so stay tuned. The aim is to build up our partners so you can offer your clients a full service and tech stack. Check them out here: https://alphazetta.net/i-want-a-solution/

Whats Coming Next?

  • Our Slack collaboration space, fully integrated with the website. This is a really cool add as Slack becomes our main collaboration platform seamlessly integrated with the website. A bunch of us have been testing out this space and we are almost good to set it free. Standby this week for more information…if you are new to Slack don’t worry we will help you get set up and get going.
  • AlphaZetta emails – for those who want AlphaZetta emails standby…very shortly we have an elegant solution that lets you have your very own AlphaZetta email without having to set up and run another inbox. Again hang five for more on this over the next few days.
  • Reboot of the workflow for posting and applying for projects. The team have been hard at work for a much easier way to get onto a Gig by applying for a project.

But wait there is more…

  • We will soon be starting to offer training around some of our solutions. The first one we will roll out will be Knowesis Sift. I know from talking to a number of the community that this is a big benefit – to be able to sell and support broader applications. Sift is a brilliant real time application and I hope this helps those who want to get involved. There is both the opportunity for great referral fees as well as implementation projects and ongoing support work for those that are keen.

Well I could go on, just too many good things to update on! But I will save your inboxes and save it for next week.

As a final note, don’t forget:

  • You are free now to start talking to clients about AlphaZetta and or inviting them onto the platform
  • You earn 5% on all opportunities you bring to the community and other members, so when introducing a project make sure you email register it at info@alphazetta.net or drop me a note directly. Our goal is to reward the experts who create opportunities for others, so we are more than happy if you want to take up this.

Hope that everyone has a great week. Looking forward to your suggestions and feedback. We will keep working at improving the site and the open opportunities and are very grateful for your support and participation,

Feel free to WhatsApp, email, message or call me anytime,

Bring on the revolution and March 1st!

Kind Regards,